2024 Design Trends: A Fresh Look at Style

As we step into 2024, the world of interior design is embracing a fusion of natural elements and luxurious modernity.  I am especially happy that a personally curated home and maximalism is back in style!

Here’s a glance at what’s capturing our attention this year:


1. Natural Elegance Meets Modern Sophistication

This year, we’re witnessing a delightful blend of natural materials such as plaster and stone with contemporary elements like glass. The aesthetic is all about straight lines and natural textures—think raw wood, leather, and grass cloth. These materials are making their way into various furnishings and fixtures, offering a perfect balance of the organic and the sleek.

2. The Warmth of Reds

The color palette of 2024 is getting warmer, with the red family taking center stage. From cozy terracotta and muted dusty pinks to deep burgundy and rustic tones, these hues are bringing a rich, earthy vibe to interiors. Shades of brown with subtle red undertones are also making a significant impact, adding depth and warmth to spaces.

3. Italian Inspiration

Italian-inspired design is making a strong comeback, blending nostalgic elements with contemporary flair. Key features include Murano glass, intricate ironwork, classic plaster, ornate ceiling medallions, elegant marble, and artistic busts or sculptures. The return of beautifully aged ironwork adds an intriguing layer of history and warmth to modern spaces.

4. Bold Statement Tile and Flooring

In 2024, designers are boldly reimagining tiles and flooring. The trend leans towards striking combinations, particularly in wall and floor designs. This includes a revival of old-world European styles with materials like black and white checkerboard patterns, aged terra cotta, limestone, and luxurious marbles like Carrera and Calcutta. Collaborations with designers are creating exceptional selections for statement-making spaces.  For inspiration and purchase, visit Ann Sacks site.

5. Embracing Maximalism for Personal Expression

Maximalism is making a big splash in 2024, encouraging personal expression in interior design. This trend is about embracing heavy patterns, saturated colors, and dark wood stains. It’s a celebration of individuality, whether through a vibrant teacup collection display or a curated mix of collected, repurposed, and vintage items. Bold, playful designs and curiosity cabinets are becoming focal points in homes, allowing personal stories to shine through in interior design.


As we navigate through 2024, these design trends offer a rich tapestry of styles and inspirations, inviting us to reimagine our spaces with a blend of tradition, modernity, and personal flair.  If you’re ready for a whole new look and want to look at homes like these, reach out to us!  You can also browse all of the available Luxury Homes in Las Vegas from our site: site.  

The inspiration for this article came in part from an article at Studio McGee: Studio McGee.