Welcome to Las Vegas’ Historical District

Scotch Eighties: One of the hidden treasures of Las Vegas is the tight-knit communities just to the west of the Las Vegas Strip.  The Scotch Eighties community takes its name from the fact that many of its streets are named after different varieties of Scotch Whisky.  It was developed in the 1940’s and 1950’s and is characterized by its beautiful, tree-lined streets and well-maintained homes.  Many of the homes are in the mid-century modern design, featuring clean lines and simple functional layouts.

Rancho Bel Air & Rancho Circle: Beyond the Scotch Eighties neighborhood and keeping with the Vintage Vegas theme, you also have guard-gated communities of the same era featuring custom homes – neighborhoods such as Rancho Bel Air Estates and Rancho Circle.  McNeil Estates is also popular for the mid-century design while being a little less pricey.  This community spanned the 50’s through the 70’s and features beautiful ranch-style homes with sprawling yards.  A great buy if you want the Vintage Vegas vibe.

Las Vegas Country Club: Established in 1967, the Las Vegas Country Club neighborhood boasts a rich history that adds to its allure.  Originally envisioned as a haven for those seeking a luxury lifestyle away from the Strip, the community has retained its charm over the decades.  It features a unique combination of mid-century modern architecture and contemporary homes, creating a distinctive atmosphere that appeals to both history buffs and modern homebuyers.

Paradise Palms: A Mid-Century Modern housing community in Las Vegas located between downtown and the city’s University District. The inspiration for Paradise Palms was Palm Springs, California. The planned community, Las Vegas' first, was the brain child of Irwin Molasky in 1960 who hired the architectural firm of Palmer & Krisel to build a community within walking distance to his Boulevard Mall and when completed, drew entertainers, mobsters and other members of the city’s social scene.

Downtown Las Vegas & The Art District: In the heart of the city lies Downtown Las Vegas, a historic district that dates back to the city’s early days.  This area was the original gambling epicenter before the Strip took center stage.  Revitalization efforts over the years have breathed new life into the neighborhood, now filled with trendy bars, art galleries, and vintage boutiques.

Downtown High-Rise Condominiums: have much to offer at a smaller price tag than those on the Strip. Those include Juhl, Newport Lofts, and The Ogden.