Welcome to Equestrian Properties

Equestrian properties in Las Vegas can be found in various areas around the city and its surrounding communities. These properties are equipped with facilities for horse enthusiasts, including horse stables, riding arenas, and ample land for horse keeping.

Here are a few neighborhoods and regions where you’ll find equestrian properties:

Northwest: The northwest part of Las Vegas, including areas like Centennial Hills and Lone Mountain, offers equestrian properties with larger lots and rural settings.

Southwest: Southwest Las Vegas, near the Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area, has a number of equestrian communities and properties. You can find homes with horse facilities and access to riding trails in this region.

Henderson: The neighboring city to Las Vegas, also has horse properties. Around the Lake Mead National Recreation Area and Sloan Canyon Conservation area provides opportunities for horseback riding and equestrian living.

Rural Communities: There are also rural communities and ranches outside of Las Vegas, where you can find large equestrian properties and ranch-style homes. Places like Mesquite, Overton and Pahrump may offer suitable options for equestrian enthusiasts.