The Best Coffee Shops in Las Vegas

The Best Coffee Houses in Las Vegas – According to Me!

Call me nostalgic, but I recall a time when coffee shops weren’t synonymous with Starbucks. Back in my college days, many evenings dedicated to studying were spent at The Market, a beloved coffee house in Downtown Denver. Inspired by those memories, I embarked on a quest to discover the finest coffee spots in Las Vegas. My top choices are determined by their unique atmosphere, an imaginative range of coffee, and their culinary offerings.

Gabi Coffee & Bakery

My #1 favorite. A delightful and unique café that offers a cozy and eclectic atmosphere, along with a diverse menu that caters to various tastes and preferences. Lots of cozy and comfortable seating, a kitschy style, and a mix of dishware creating a thrift-store feel adds a unique charm to the place. They serve coffee and food in real dishware not cardboard cups and paper plates – a personal pet peeve. The menu includes creative coffee drinks, seasonal specialties, breakfast items like quiche, fresh baked goods, salads, sandwiches, and the standout for me is the salmon brioche.  There are also some vegan options.  You could spend all day here working remotely, reading a book or for a casual meeting.  Visit Gabi at 5808 Spring Mountain for a unique, casual experience in Las Vegas.


As someone in the real estate business, my job takes me all over the city.  Though I’m based on the west side, I’ve made it a point to explore different neighborhoods in search of the best coffee shops.  Along the way, I encountered a few that didn’t quite hit the mark, but I’ll focus on the positives and wish those establishments the best.  Here are the runner-ups, presented in no particular order.

Writer’s Block – Downtown

This would have been #1 had it been easier for me to get to.  I love Downtown and the Art’s District for its eclectic, artsy vibe but just don’t venture down enough.  Writer’s Block touts themselves as a “Hub for Creatives.”  It’s an authentic gathering place that reminds me a lot of the place that inspired me to research and write this article.  What sets The Writer’s Block apart is its commitment to fostering a creative community. The shop regularly hosts writing workshops, poetry readings, and book clubs, making it a gathering place for the city’s creative minds.  Local artists are invited to display their work, and the shop often features live acoustic music, adding another layer of charm to the atmosphere.  The space includes communal tables for collaboration, cozy nooks for solitary writers, and comfortable seating areas for those looking to relax with a book.  It’s definitely worth a trip downtown.

Sambalatte – Summerlin

Sambalatte is known for its premium coffee beans sourced from around the globe but also, for its relaxing ambiance and friendly staff. The ambiance is very Italian coffee house with shared seating, comfy chairs, an upstairs area with a community table.  They have great breakfast pastries and quick brunch type foods.  The patio has seating with umbrellas and set in Boca Park – an upscale shopping and dining center.  It’s worth a visit on the west side of town.

Coffee Madness – Henderson

Coffee Madness is not just a place for a quick coffee fix; their quote is “Caffeine, it’s my drug of choice.”  The shop’s interior is designed to offer a relaxed dining area, complete with jazz music in the background, making it an ideal spot for breakfast, coffee meetings, or a quiet study session. The shop has a slightly quirky character, featuring comfortable seating, piano music, and board games, creating a welcoming for anyone.  They serve baked goods (I love a good croissant and these are so fresh), sandwiches and smoothies along with a large selection of coffee drinks and tea.  Coffee Madness is easy to get to in Silverado Ranch (bordering Henderson) and worth a visit.

Makers & Finders – 3 Locations

Maker’s & Finders has a unique concept with specialty coffees, Latin food and a definite South American vibe.  There are four locations and I believe the Downtown Arts District was the first location.  I frequent the Downtown Summerlin location, and the atmosphere couldn’t be more unique for a Las Vegas coffee shop.  The blue and white tile interior is vibrant and inviting and the patio with umbrellas and futons is very comfortable.  A notable feature is the Latin style brunch with bottomless mimosas.  I especially love the ceviche which is served with fried plantain chips.  I would recommend any of the locations: The Arts District, Summerlin, or Henderson.