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5 Front Door Colors to Give Your Home Serious Curb Appeal

Want to give the exterior of your home a facelift without spending big bucks?  Painting your front door is a cheap and easy fix that can make a huge difference.  However, choosing the color that works best for your house can be tough.  Certain tones convey sophistication, others create a welcoming and homey vibe, and some are bold design statements.  With the right color, you can communicate the kind of home you keep to visitors before they even turn the knob. Here are five front door paint colors that will make your home stand out.  Make sure to check with your homeowner’s association before DIY-ing it.


Black front doors are the perfect finishing touch for older colonial-style homes and houses painted in light colors.  Choosing this color also pays off financially — according to Zillow, interested home buyers are willing to pay a premium for black front doors.



Bold reds create a powerful statement and work well with homes painted in neutral tones, such as white.  However, consider a muted, vintage shade of red for homes with earthy-colored exteriors.  This color provides a more warm, rustic feel.



Lighter blues help complement more natural environments.  Consider using sky blue for waterside homes or pale blue for homes surrounded by greenery. For homes in busy urban regions, a dark blue front door may help associate your home with a slower, calmer pace of life.  If you feel that blue is too bold for the whole door, add a blue border to a white door for a simple yet effective pop of color.



Yellow and ochre pair well with homes made of brick or wood.  Yellow doors are especially appropriate in areas that experience heavy amounts of fall foliage, as the color matches perfectly with the colors of changing leaves.


Green front doors compliment woodsy rural homes, establishing a visual connection with the surrounding nature.  For a more modern flair, shades of green with tones of mint and olive will give your home a more playful and inviting look.


Tips to Painting your Front Door

There’s no easier and quicker way to improve your home’s curb appeal than applying a fresh coat of front door paint. Use the best paint for front door projects, Sherwin-Williams new product SnapDry™ Door & Trim Paint that dries in just one hour so your door won’t stick!  You’ll be ready to welcome in guests that same evening!  How to Paint a Front Door.

Color of the Month

In my research for this article, I went to the Sherwin-Williams website and happened across their Color of the Month for September.  I thought it was so spectacular that I wanted to share it.



Color of the Month September 2023



SW7623 – Dramatic and moody, yet tranquil and grounded, Cascades’ versatility carries a wide range of design styles. Embrace the serene atmosphere inspired by its soothing shade.

Bring the timeless and simple beauty of the outdoors in with September’s palette and style.  Cascade is a dark, majestic green-blue is the perfect shade for naturalist living style. A nature-loving design deserves a gorgeous green hue like this one that envelops interiors with a lush and dramatic feel. As the grounding color of this collection, Cascades has a refined, balanced tone that can stand out on its own or set the stage for the other colors in the collection to shine. 


More of Stacy’s Tips to Sell Your Home

Staging is the art of styling a house to appeal to the demographic most likely to purchase it.  In a study published by the National Association of Realtors, 81% of Realtors reported that Buyers find it easier to visualize a staged home as a future home.

How does staging help sell your home for its maximum sale price?

  • It presents your home to its best advantage
  • Identifies and shows the purpose of each room
  • Disguises flaws
  • Stresses strengths
  • Adds value to the property


We have written 2 manuals to help you to prepare your home to sell for the maximum price.  Read them here.  Our biggest staging project to date helped our client to sell his home for $125,000 more than the estimated value before the transformation.  Here’s one before and after shot.



Our listings sell for, on average, 9% higher than other comparable homes.  Call us for a free Stage Your Home to Sell consultation.