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Curb Appeal Tips to Attract More Buyers and More Offers

When preparing your home to sell, a key element is the curb appeal since it will be your potential buyer’s first impression.  Remember, a buyer forms an attitude about your house within 15 seconds.  Many people also drive by homes prior to asking their Realtor to show it to them.   Greet Buyers with dynamic curb appeal!

An Inviting Front Walk

When a potential buyer is standing at the front of your home while the agent is accessing the key, there is plenty of time for the buyer to assess how clean and welcoming it is.  A well manicured front entry is imperative.

Place some potted flowers or hanging plants on the porch.  A splash of color will go a long way.  Don’t overdo it with lots of small pots that will end up looking cluttery.  Big and dramatic is the way to go.  Petunias and impatients grow quickly and are pretty hearty in the summer months.

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Your Front Door

Its more than an entry, it’s the focal point of your home.  Your efforts here set the stage for what is on the other side.  While the agent is gaining access, the buyers have plenty of time to make a quick judgement.

A fresh coat of paint or at the least a very clean front door will make a world of difference.  Put some attention into it.  Make sure the glass is sparkly clean, the doorbell clean, the security door, clean, the wood framing not old, warped and paint chipped.  Pay attention to the garage door too.  You can replace just one panel if its dented.

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Updating Hardware

Evaluate your hardware.  Add a brushed nickel door handle or for lots of drama, a bright shiny brass.  Electronic locks are also impressive.  Both Home Depot and Lowe’s have many different varieties in handles and locks.

Get a new mailbox and add new address numbers to the front.  An attractive mailbox upon approaching a home makes an aesthetic statement.  Look online, you can find nice ones at and  A shiny new address plate will be noticed too.

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Cleaning and Repairs

Nothing is worse than cracked or missing stucco.  Consider even freshening up the paint on the trim or bump-outs.  If you have grease stains on the driveway it is imperative to clean it up.  Zep at Home Depot has a great product.

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Back Patio

The patio has become an extension of your home and indoor/outdoor living a huge trend in the new home market.  Make yours feel like you’ve walked into a 2nd family room.

Clean the concrete.  Lay down an outdoor rug.  Buy new furniture or cushions.  Buy a new ceiling fan.  Add potted plants or flowers.  You can take all of this to your new home but the purpose is staging.  A trendy thing to do is to hang string lantern lights.  I notice more people commenting on those and asking if they “go with the house.”

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Aside from the kitchen, the backyard is one of your most important selling features.  Make sure your lawn is green by fixing dead patches, fertilizing.  Kill weeds, add rocks, trim shrubs, and plant flowers.  Make sure the exterior of the back of the house is cleaned for cobwebs, exterior windows and window sills, and repair cracked stucco.

Consider Painting the Exterior

Take a look at the exterior of your home through Buyer’s eyes.  Look at your neighbors homes.  Do they look nicer than yours?  If you see any fading, chipping, major cracking, you might consider it.  It will definitely pay you back – it may not equate to a higher price, but it will definitely sell your home faster.  I always point out to buyers when a home is freshly painted and whether or not they used the premium paint that wears for a decade.


Update your lighting.  Many people drive past homes after work and at night.  Yours should illuminate.  By updating your coach lights, you add a more modern look.  The old, tiny builder variety more than likely is doing nothing for curb appeal.

Add solar lighting along the path to your front door and your trees and shrubbery pointing up.  Lighting both indoor and outdoor is where you can add a lot of drama.  Amazon has a lot of inexpensive exterior solar lighting.  See my blog post on The Importance of Interior Lighting.

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Creating Character

Nothing adds character like a rock facade.  Its pretty inexpensive to add a small amount of stone to the bottom half or entry to the front door.   Home Depot has inexpensive materials and also contract out workers.   Add additional shrubbery or flower beds around trees, a bench or chair to the front porch or potted plants or flowers to create more interest.

Follow these steps and dynamic curb appeal and an excitement in your potential buyers.  Your potential buyers will be eager to get inside.  Read the blog post Ten Reasons Your Home Isn’t Selling.

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Stacy Sheeley is a Las Vegas, Nevada Realtor specializing in Staging Your Home to Sell.  We offer complimentary Staging & Space Planning Assistance to all of our listing clients.  We’ll give you a free valuation of your home by filling out the simple form.

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