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Design Trends 2023

If you’re thinking of buying a new home or adding some pizzazz to your current space, then look no further than our list of trends to incorporate.  From warming color palettes and jewel toned-accents to layers of texture and touch of nostalgia, the new year will be filled with a fresh take.

Gray Is Out and Warm Is In

2023 is the rebirth of the warm and cozy colors – warm whites, soothing taupes, and rich earth tones.  This is a cleanser to the sterile, white an driftwood look.  Instead layers of rich fabrics and finishes to give a cozy feel.

Rich, Vibrant Hues

Nothing says sophistication like a deep, vibrant color next to clean crown molding to make a real statement.  Color trends in elegant jewel tones like eggplant, deep greens, blues, and deep orange.

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Light and Moody

Soft elements such as white and minimalism opposite deep greens, slate gray and black.  It gives a sexiness without feeling like a cave.


Since pandemic lockdowns, colors that bring a sense of nature and the outdoors have become popular for home décor.  Fall tones such as soft greens, the color of fall leaves and orchard-fruit bring a comforting space.  Trends toward muted green cabinetry with lots of natural wood, wicker and soft veined marble.

Accents in Upholstery

Jewel tones and contrast patterns are back, particularly in upholstery.  Deep greens, dusty yellows, pinks, and reds are showing up for sofas and accent chairs.  Also brighter prints and pops of contrasting colors on wallpaper.

Soothing Pink

The color pink is trending upward for 2023.  Pink undergoes a renaissance every few years.  In spaces that call for calm such as a bedroom or office, we’ll see more of soft pinks which have a soothing quality while lending coziness.


Creating a serene environment is at the forefront of lots of people’s minds in 2023.  A low maintenance home is vital and gives you much needed time to destress.  An emphasis on neutral colors and rustic tones.   People will be harmonizing their homes and focusing on wellbeing.

Quality Over Quantity

Custom and high-quality furniture are making a comeback in 2023. “During Covid, there was a need to quickly furnish spaces with readily available, often low quality goods.  Now that the dust has somewhat settled, the priority has moved to investing in pieces that endure—and have been designed to specifically fit the space.

Back To Nature

Manufactured formal, urban sleek looks are out as people want a more casual, rustic look.  Many reno projects are incorporating warmth into their design with lots of textures, natural materials, and handcrafted surfaces.

Boho Chic

Boho Chic is a style that’s all about personality, layering pieces you’ve acquired while traveling, unique art pieces and any other items that mean something to you.  It’s a sustainable style that often incorporates family heirlooms or special finds from resale shops and tag sales.  Layer accessories and furnishings in your rooms for a cool, collected look that reflects you.

Eclectic & Favorite Things

A trend of eclectic pieces, albeit antiques, family heirlooms, or thrift store finds harmonized together with quality upholstered furnishings is becoming popular.  Accessorizing with favorite momentos, interesting objects or items collected on travels is becoming popular.

Selliing Your Home

Spacial Specificity

In a post-pandemic world, people are also being more thoughtful with their spaces.  While multi-functional rooms wont go away anytime soon, there is a different special impact on the rise.  Many people picked up new hobbies and at-home activities that require a dedicated space like home offices, craft rooms, gyms, and homework rooms.

Statement Kitchens

The kitchen has become a multifaceted space for spending quality time.  The minimalist and industrial designs of 2020 have faded.  Luxe materials such as boldly veined marble or quartz, knotty woods, printed wallpapers, artisanal tile, combined with bold metallic hardware and décor.  While open shelving isn’t going away, frosted glass-front cabinets have made a comeback, making it easier to show off heritage china and glassware without all of the dust.

Staging & Space Planning Assistance

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