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5 Home Features Attracting Buyers Right Now

Selling this year?  These are the improvements to make.

Spending so much more time at home, this year has everyone taking a closer look at their homes and the improvements that they wish they had.  Many homeowners are making drastic improvements to make more space altogether and others are deciding they simply need a new home altogether.  I thought I’d share a few features showing up on wants and needs lists in the age of COVID-19.

Quiet Space

Many homeowners have now worked from home in some capacity, which makes a quiet place to work remotely a much higher priority on many buyer’s list.  To make your house more attractive to buyers, carve out a little nook for a desk or convert a spare bedroom to office space.



Kitchens are always a highlight for home buyers.  That’s even more true right now.  While staying at home, many people have donned their chef’s hats and found that cooking is fun.  Large open kitchens where families can gather and cook meals together remain popular.  Try adding modern upgrades like lighting, backsplash, and appliances to make your kitchen more attractive to buyers.

Home Gyms

Since gyms closed for a while this year, homeowners have been creative in finding ways to work out, making space for a home gym high on many lists of wants and needs.  You can add yoga mats, hand weights, pilates balls to a corner of the garage, loft or spare bedroom to create a gym space.

Outdoor Space

When it wasn’t safe to go out in public, we all realized how important outdoor space is.  Families need space for kids and pets to play since parks and playgrounds aren’t available.  Even if your space is small, find ways to spruce it up with plants, outdoor living and dining areas,  grilling areas and fire pits.

Family Rooms

We all love our families, but when it comes to being together 24/7, parents are looking for quiet places or separate rooms for kids to hang out.  Lofts, bonus rooms, casitas, and dens are making a move up on the priority list.  Here, a spare bedroom becomes an extra family room.


Keep these ideas in mind if you’re thinking about selling your home.  What features are on your needs and wants list?  If you’re thinking about a new home give us a call or email.  We’ll send you a list of available homes that fit your purposes perfectly!  We also offer free staging assistance to all of our clients.  We’re here to help!