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Home Buying 101

What You Need to Know When Buying a Home

Buying a home can be a daunting process.  We will to you to help simplify that.


  • Find a good mortgage lender.  We recommend Evergreen Home Loans
  • Meet with the Loan Officer and complete an application
  • The Loan Officer orders a credit report and reviews your income and expenses
  • Decide which loan program to use based on your qualifications

how to buy a home

  • Meet with your Realtor to start the home search through MLS
  • Write an offer (Purchase Agreement) and get it accepted by the Seller
  • Complete the Buyer Property Disclosures
  • Complete Loan Disclosures with Lender
  • Do the home inspections and agree with Seller as to repairs that will be made
  • Order appraisal and begin title work with Title & Escrow company
  • Choose homeowners insurance policy and home warranty policy

shopping for a new home

  • Lock the interest rate for your loan
  • Receive appraisal back for value of the property
  • Loan Processor reviews file and sends to final underwriting department for loan approval

getting a mortgage

  • Your lender prepares loan documents
  • Sign the Lender Closing Disclosures and begin 3-day Review period
  • Approve and sign final loan disclosures

buying a home

  • Do your final walk through of the property
  • Sign final loan and title documents at the Title company
  • Your loan “funds” (meaning the bank transferred the money the loan funds)
  • The title company transfers the deed from the Seller to the Buyer’s name
  • Your Realtor meets you at the house to give you the keys!

first time home buyer

Home buying is easy with a good Realtor as your guide.  We work with Buyer’s in all price ranges.  Hire Us!

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