Tips for Creating the Perfect Home Office

Over the past several years, the home office has gone from a pleasant luxury to an absolutely necessity.  The pandemic completely transformed how we work, opening the door for people in various industries to work from home.  A home office space that inspires comfort and maximizes productivity is exceedingly important in this age of remote work.  Let’s look at some tips to acheive that ideal home office to make working from home a breeze.



Add Stylish Seating

Many homeowners spend a substantial chunk of their week within their home office.  It is easier to dictate the working environment from home, and comfort should be at the forefront of a home office design.  Ergonomic seating will maximize comfort.  Incorporate adjustable chairs designed to improve posture and support the back.

Style doesn’t have to be sacrificed for comfort.  There are a variety of ergonomic chairs that still offer a sleek look to compliment a home office.  Choose a chair that matches the rooms style and color scheme to combine both comfort and aesthetics.


Minimize Clutter but Add Inspiration

Home office clutter can impact productivity by negatively affecting your focus.  The more overwhelmed the space is with spare books and loose papers, the less productive the worker will likely be.  However, while minimizing clutter is important, make sure to add pieces that personalize the space.

People add all kinds of additional personal effects to their home office to increase their comfort level and inspire them throughout the day.  These include photos, artwork, sculptures and anything in between.  It is important for the space to feel customized but be careful to avoid overcrowding.

Consider the Psychology of Color

Working can be stressful and tiring, even while working from home.  Creating a home office that uses the psychology of color, can help lighten the burden by creating a feeling that helps to push through the work week and get maximum positive results.  The psychology of color focuses on the various feelings and moods that color inspires in people, and each color choice made for the home office can have a different impact.

Different colors have been found to have varying impacts on the human psyche.  Reds and oranges are known for inspiring energy and raising metabolism and heart rates.  Greens and blues tend to have a calming effect due to their earthy, outdoorsy feel.  When picking the color of a home office, consider the moods and feelings wanted while at work.


Prioritize Good Lighting

The look of the home’s office matters more than other before.  With virtual meetings now regular occurences for many, this space is often showcased to coworkers.  Therefore, having an office space that looks presentable on camera is vital, and good lighting is an essential component.

Good lighting helps the worker and their space look better on camera.  Dim, direct overhead lighting isnt going to show well.  Natural lighting shows up nicely on camera and provides the additional benefit of a refreshing view of the outdoors for the homeowner.  If this isnt a possibility, select lighting that doesn’t overwhelm on camera but offers a smooth look that enhances the space.

If you’re not inspired in your current home office and want to check out the possibilities, call or text us and we’ll send you a list of homes that will.