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Kitchen Trends 2022

Stark white everything is out.  The hottest trends and top design features that Buyers are looking for most.  The color white is no longer a staple and quartz is the most desired countertop.

Cabinets go dark

Moody hues like matte black, navy, forest and olive green dominate in shaker style or unadorned flat style.  They give space for the homeowner to express their unique taste.  Warm, earthy tones of the 70s are back in style.  Behr Color Trends 2022

Invite nature in with natural woods

Wood tones are coming back, however, the natural wood and not your Grandma’s honey oak cabinets.  Designers are sticking with softer hues and white oak in particular.  White oak pairs well with other organic elements like rattan furniture, fiddle leaf figs, and linen draperies.

Lighting adds to the ambiance like never before

Sconces, pendant lights, and even lamps in the kitchen.  Its all about creating a mood with low lighting.  Designers are even putting lamps in kitchens now.  One of my favorite stores in Las Vegas is Northern Lights.  The selection is impeccable, very unique lighting and even decor.  A definite step above most.

Quartz is king

Granite enjoyed a two-decade reign as the most popular countertop.  Now quartz is the favorite.  Quartz is an engineered alternative made up of 90% ground quartz and 10% resins.  Its super durable and looks great.  Its less expensive too than natural stone.  The company that I use for all of my countertop and cabinetry needs is:  AMC Kitchen & Bath

Appliances blend in or go bold

From paneled appliances that look like cabinetry to royal blue stoves featuring gold accents.  Its about a more seamless look.  Clean lines and simplicity are en vogue.

Brass is back in a new way

The new brass is updated and either polished or with a satin finish.  This gives a more sleek and modern feel.  You should consider blending a few different metal finishes such as matte black.  For an array of cabinet handles, I would suggest checking out Etsy

Large islands are the center of attention

The lingering preference for open spaces.  A large central island is what everyone wants – the bigger the better.

Storage: homeowners cant get enough

Walk in pantries and plenty of drawer and cabinet storage.  Make room for the air fryers, instant pot, and mixers.  Also space for all of those Costco trips and stocking up on food.  I suggest The Home Edit for organizational tips and products.  They have a Netflix series as well.