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5 New Ways to Make Your Listing Stand Out

For many people, homes are no longer just a place to live — they’ve become our offices, our new favorite restaurants, our gyms and more. So, when you’re listing a home, it’s important to demonstrate how the space can be used in new ways. Here are five ideas to help buyers realize the full potential of your property:

1. Take it outside

Whether it’s a porch, yard or patio, buyers are looking for a place to get away from the indoors. A big selling feature of some of the new home construction is the indoor/outdoor living that seamlessly goes from one room to the outside.  Consider staging outdoor areas with patio furniture or lawn toys to show buyers there’s a place to unwind and relax. It’s always a good idea to highlight gardens and pet areas — as well as any places kids might play.

2. Office space

As more people transition to a work-from-home environment, many are left setting up shop at the kitchen table or couch. If you’re able to stage the home, think about what space could be used as an office. Maybe it’s a spare bedroom, an upstairs nook or a corner in the living room. Get creative and help buyers see the opportunity for a quiet working space.

3. Sit back and relax

It can be tough to find a place to get away with everyone under the same roof. By adding small elements to rooms, you can create a quiet, relaxing space. Something as subtle as a comfy chair and reading table by a bedroom window will let buyers see the space as not just a place to sleep, but to recharge during the day.

4. Captivating kitchens

People are spending less time eating out and more time cooking. Help buyers imagine themselves preparing a meal while socializing. You could make a coffee bar, a Le Cruset dish on the stove top, or a pitcher and glasses on the island. Make it warm and inviting — a place where everyone wants to congregate.

5. A living room you can really live in

When people aren’t cooking or eating, the living room is the hub of the house. Many living rooms are now a family’s movie theater, yoga studio and classroom. Versatility is key to selling buyers on this high-traffic space.

When it comes to showcasing a home, be thorough — bonus space isn’t just being used for storage anymore, so it’s crucial to help buyers envision the full potential of the property.  Each space needs to have a purpose.

6. Not all agents are created equal

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