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Eight Ways To Get A Luxury Home Look For Less

Decorating a home on a budget?  Eight ways to get luxury looks for less.

Make Architectural Interest By Adding Panels

Wall paneling ideas can make drab architecture look much more intriguing.  I just personally added paneling to my kitchen penninsula to make it look like cabinetry.  I also have a rather large primary bedroom that is a deep shade of blue.  I added wainscotting and brought it up 4′ to really add interest and a pop of white in a sea of blue.  Im happy to share my carpenters contact info.

Obviously we all review our budgets and prioritize where to spend, this is one way to help elevate a room from the mundane to something more glamorous and luxurious.  It makes a huge statement in my bedroom.

You can create paneling with economical strips of timber, mitered for neat joints and painted in a bold or neutral semi gloss or eggshell finish.  For me, it was well worth it for the look.

Emphasize Art With Clever Lighting

Art is often seen as the most powerful accessory to any room. Luckily, artwork has become increasingly accessible over the last few years and it is even easier to chose art for your home. It is no longer about spending thousands on a well-known artist but finding pieces that resonate with you and your family.

No matter the artwork, how you display it has a massive impact on the final look and feel of your home. When decorating a house on a budget, lighting art is a great way to highlight the piece and create a focal point in any room. There are many ways to achieve this, from impactful, as above, to subtle.

Hunt For Vintage Finds

Vintage decor has made a welcome return to interior design in the last few years. From traditional pieces to contemporary antiques, finding hidden gems in antiques’ stores is the perfect way to add character and a touch of luxury when decorating a room on a budget.

There’s a real pleasure in foraging for a special piece and potentially getting a bargain for something unique that cant be purchased in Crate & Barrel or Pottery Barn.  Look for a piece that speaks to you.

In my living room I have an antique bar cabinet that is black with old gold leaf accents.  It makes a real statement.  As one of my end tables, I have a vintage chest passed down from my great grandparents.  Its also black with wood accents.  Both are fabulous and add a bit of eclectic to my otherwise French Country style.

Give New Life To Left Overs

Not only is reusing or repurposing materials a sustainable way of approaching design, but also an effective way of approaching the decoration of a house on a budget.

Tiles left over from a project elsewhere in the house, for example? Use them to add pep to a space that needs a lift.  Leftover tiles, tile offcuts or countertop surfaces can be easily inserted into joinery pieces – an easy way to jolly up a very boring niche.

Reconsider Your Curtains

There are so many curtain ideas that can be incredibly versatile when it comes to design and can really help make a space feel more luxurious – even on a budget.

‘Curtains are one of the first things I think about in a room.  This is true also when I am staging a property to prepare it to sell.  Curtains can be bold and make a statement or neutral and frame the great landscaping beyond.  They also can transform a boring hallway or make a room cozy, soft and inviting.

Playing with different elements on curtains, or even adding features to your existing drapes is a great way of playing with interior design on a budget. I love tassels and trims.  You can easily sew on a border to add a ton of charm.  Ive done this to the sides as well as added a contrast to the bottom. Curtains add a level of finish to a room that feels special.

Switch Out Your Lamps

Switching out your shades and revitalizing lamp bases can be an effective way of sprucing up your space without spending out on new light fixtures. Lighting is my favorite thing because its a great focal point and completion of the space.  It also adds a ton of luxury.   I love to add color and pattern using lamp shades – the bigger and more vibrant the better, as they make the room look much grander.

Create statements out of your lamps and shades to express effortless sophistication. They exude charm, elevating elegance and add personality to any room.

Layer Pattern and Texture Through Soft Furnishings

Layering is a great way of achieving a luxury, high-end finish even on a budget.  Consider layering patterns and textures through soft furnishings such as cushion covers and throws – both of which are practical and pretty ways to update your space on a budget.

Layer patterns, big and small, in a room so that it creates interest without the eye settling on one thing for too long.  It’s important to work with different scales of pattern – like large floral with smaller geometric – as it allows each one to stand out.

Add Personality With Custom Pieces

You can’t go wrong with personal pieces in the long-run. It’s all about the buy well, buy less school of thought and investment in timeless pieces you’ll love forever over cheaper items that will fall apart or you’ll fall out of love with quickly.  Reupholstering is also a fantastic way to customize an old piece of furniture.  I have a chair that was given to my mother when I was a newborn.  I still have it and about every 10 years, I reimagine it.  Its a statement piece in my living room.

Where to Find

Over my past 20 years in Las Vegas Real Estate, I have carefully curated a team of professionals for carpentry, upholstery, interior design, decorating consulting, seamstress, furniture or cabinetry refinishing, and remodeling.  Im happy to share their contact info with you.  Just contact me at 702-292-9064 or email me: [email protected].

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