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The Most Important Things to Do When Preparing Your Home to Sell

You’ve decided to sell your home.  Now what?    You need to step back and see your home through the Buyer’s eyes. You want it to be the “this-is-it” home.  Nine of 10 home sales are a result of the “wow” feeling that is generated from the potential Buyer.  Once you get your home in tip-top selling condition, you should be able to list it at the top range of similar properties.  My approach works on all homes, in any market and any price range.   > Print the Workbook

Step 1:  Donate, Throw Away, Sell

Go through each room, each closet, and the garage and make 3 piles: donate, give away, throw away, or sell.  This is a really great time to plan what you need for your new home as well as is super liberating to free yourself from too much stuff.

I am a big fan of selling to help cover your preparation cost.  Hold a garage sale or hire someone to do it for you.  Are you holding on to old family photos of your kids or china that can be passed down to your kids? Now is the time.  Furniture that you can’t sell and don’t need for your next home – donate.  In your closet and linen cabinets consider donating extra or old linens to an animal shelter; clothing to a local charity and the nice stuff that doesn’t quite fit right, find a friend or family member that would like it.

Step 2: Cleaning & Repairs

Start with the exterior and garage by tidying landscaping, planting, adding sod to dead patches, filling in rock and adding a few flower pots by the door.  If it’s in your budget, consider a fresh coat of paint and even adding interest by installing new lighting, a shiny new door handle, or even a stone façade.

At the least, power wash, fix any cracked stucco, give a fresh coat of paint to the front door.  Make repairs to squeaky doors, windows that don’t slide properly or a rickety garage door.  Don’t forget any grease spots in the garage or on the driveway (here’s a great de-greaser).  The same applies to the backyard.  If you have a built-in grill or bar, make sure to give a good scrub.  People do open them up because they can be a great selling feature.  If you have a pool, make sure to clean the hard water spots off.

Interior repairs and cleaning include all drawers (kitchen and baths), cabinets, closets, under sinks, ceiling fans, air filters, and window sills.  If you’re leaving your appliances, makes sure those are sparkling clean – even the refrigerator.

Step 3: Organizing

Get rid of the clutter.  You want clean surfaces without knick-knacks – one or two ornamental item is fine as long as it is to scale of the piece of furniture and room.  In general, bigger is better. Each and every closet, cabinet, shelf, and piece of built-in furniture must be cleaned out and organized.  This means from the entertainment center with games, cds, books to the spice cabinet with the cabinet cleaned out and each spice cleaned off and organized.  People will look through every built in piece of furniture and if its dusty or in disarray then they will think your house is dirty and you don’t maintain it well.  Plastic bins that are in hidden areas work great or baskets in areas that are out in the open.  This is a great time to organize your things to prepare to move as well as figure out what you can throw away, donate or sell.

Step 4: Freshening Up

If your home is painted yellow and the neutrals are now in style then paint.  Even the main areas like living room, family room, and foyer will make an impression.  Have cloth furniture cleaned.  Have tile and carpeting professionally cleaned.  If carpeting is worn then consider replacing it.  Clean, clean and clean again.  I have seen homes sell despite being outdated, when they are super clean.

This is a great time to update your look with keeping in mind your next home.  The key to this stage is to give each room a purpose.  For example, a bedroom can easily be a work-out room, just don’t make it an office/work-out/storage room.  Pick one.  If you need the storage space then rent a locker.

Step 5: Staging

Furnishings – you want to evoke the feeling of space!  Put into storage furniture that is too big but you want for your next home.  Each room needs plenty of space to have pathways and ease of opening doors.  You want to highlight the room’s features and give perspective to the size.

Accessorizing – the items that make the biggest impression are rugs, draperies, pillows, and artwork.  If you have it in your budget then buy new trendy lighting fixtures.  Buy new hardware if your door handles are gold; the same with bathroom fixtures such as faucets and towel racks.  > Read my blog article on inexpensive things you can do to update your home.

You’re Ready!

Your Success

If you take my advise, I guarantee it will make thousands of dollars worth of difference in what you put in your pocket after the sale.  Staging creates additional perceived value – One of the biggest values with home staging is that it helps buyers believe the value of the property is higher.  By showcasing the features and benefits of each property through proper placement of furniture, art and creatively accessorizing, you can control the way a buyer sees the space.  > Get an estimate of your home’s true value.

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Stacy Sheeley facilitates successful connections between Buyers and Sellers of residential homes in Las Vegas and throughout Southern Nevada.  She is dedicated to providing each of her clients with an extraordinary quality of service and a wealth of experience in buying and selling real estate.

Stacy has a keen eye for interior design and staging .  For sellers, she’s usually able to recommend relatively minor changes that most strategically stage a home to meet market expectations.

We specialize in Staging Homes to Sell.  This is a free service to my listing clients > read more.  If you already have a Realtor and would like my expertise to prepare your home, I offer my professional space planning and staging on a per room or hourly basis.   > Contact Stacy.

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