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How to Style Your Bedroom Like a Pro

How to Style Your Bed Like a Pro

Its all about the details.  If you’re staging, you want to evoke a peaceful, restful place that makes the potential Home Buyer want to jump in bed and take a nap.  If you’re styling your own room you’ll want the same results but on a practical level.

Achieving a magazine-worthy bed doesn’t have to be exhausting.  In fact, with these expert tricks, its easier and less expensive than you think.  Here’s how.

The bedding.

To give your bed that extra soft look and feel, layer a down mattress topper beneath your fitted sheets. To create a layered look, add a textured quilt or blanket, then fold a duvet or comforter in a third at the foot of the bed.  Casually drape a throw and pillows for a more natural, inviting look.  >Find bedding here

Simple window treatments.

Hang floor to ceiling draperies.  If you already have blinds or shutters then opt for white or off-white sheer fabric.  Staunch linen or washed, crumpled linen are also really nice for a bedroom to help give a restful, peaceful feeling almost like being at the beach.  > Find draperies here


Lighting and window treatments play a huge role.  A chandelier can be a fabulous accessory in the bedroom.   An interesting bedside helps create the mood.  If you have the electrical outlets, consider wall mounted sconces for a modern look.  >Find lighting here


You will need a dresser and at least one night stand but make sure it fits the scale of the room.  If you’re updating, consider painting or staining pieces that you already have.   >Find great bedroom furniture here


Here’s where you can add a pop of color.  A bright bowl for the dresser (to put jewelry, hair ties, etc) Bright pillows and even a rug.  Rugs define the space well.  Make sure to station it either half under the bed horizontally or well-spaced on the side of the bed where you get in.  Don’t skimp on size.


You can be stylish without being boring.  If you like bright colors then use it as an accent.  If you like a calming vibe.  If you’re selling then its best to go with soft and muted – blush, blue, green, soft off-white.  Whatever color goes with the rest of your color scheme in the house will gently transition into the bedroom.  >Sherwin Williams Color of the Year

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