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Simple Projects to add Curb-Appeal to your Home

Whether you’re planning on selling your home or not, your home’s curb appeal always plays an important role.  Its attractiveness is the first impression of guests or potential buyers and makes them want to see what’s inside.  Its not difficult or expensive to do some little things to increase appeal.


#1.  Build a flower bed around all trees for a well contained pop of color.  Make sure to read the height and spread of the flowers and borders to fill in nicely.

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#2.  If you want a little privacy or sunscreen, add this lattice.  Ive also seen this creatively done with pots and lots of thin tree branches for a very zen feel.


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#3.  Solar spotlights and hanging lights will make your garden look amazing at night.  Lowe’s has some really neat ones that you hang like Christmas ornaments too.

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#4.  Camouflage your air conditioning or trash containers.

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#5.  Add a border to your front door and add a bright pop of color.

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#6.  Hang a porch swing or bench.

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#7.  Paint old terra cotta pots and group at different heights on the front porch.   Glue 2 inexpensive pots together for an expensive urn look.


These are all simple, low-cost improvements that will add value and make you love your home even more.  Happy home decorating!