The Importance of Lighting


Is one of the most important elements that transform a room into a seamless combination of functionality and style.  The placement and type of lighting is an important aspect that works in conjunction to the entire room.  It is also my favorite accessory, in fact, I designed my own new home around the lighting fixtures that I had chosen.

modern farmhouse design

The right lighting can make a room feel bigger even if its small and cramped as well as make a dark room bright and cheery.  It amazed me when I went to sell my last home and it had (much desired) solar screens and was facing south so most of the windows in the main living area looked to the north.  I made a point to not only put a chandelier or ceiling pendant in every room, but at least 2 lamps.  I even put lighting behind the sofas and under the kitchen cabinets.  I didn’t get even one comment from a Realtor showing it that it was “too dark” for their clients.

contemporary design with modern edison style pendant lighting

Lighting can also be used like an accessory.  It sets the tone and style you want to portray plus adds lots of personality.   You can design an entire room around a lighting fixture or chandelier.  Lighting makes a statement, compliments your room and also creates focal points.  You can mix it up a bit too – like a vintage chandelier in a more modern setting gives an eclectic vibe and creates interest.

modern and traditional style combination

Make sure to choose the right size of lighting fixture for the room.  You don’t want a disproportionately large or small lamp or chandelier.  Although a small chandelier with no chain and held close to a wall can be nice.  A proportionately-sized chandelier draws the eye up and works especially well if your ceilings are only 9′ tall.  A huge chandelier or several smaller pendant lights make for a stunning foyer that draws you in.  You cannot wait to see what the rest of the home has to offer.

farmhouse style with rustic pendant lighting

One last note, always use “soft white” bulbs and not “bright white.”  No one looks good in bright white – its too blaring and stark.  A soft white light on the other hand illuminates and warms everything.  Also, when possible use dimmers.  An electrician can easily install dimmers on your ceiling lighting.

modern bathroom with natural lighting and pendant lighting

If you live in Las Vegas, I have a favorite shop – Northern Lights.  They have a lovely owner and staff that will assist you in any way you need including ordering from catalogs and design assistance.  Just take in a few photos of your home.

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