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Tips from the Pro – Easy Steps to Sell Your Home

Listing Your Home – Part 6

painting touch up to prepare your home to sell

Making Important Repairs

Much like the last segment about Cleaning, making small and cosmetic repairs is essential.  From the moment the Realtor pulls up to the front of the house, it has to give the impression that the home was well cared for.  Making small repairs to the interior and exterior will make all of the difference and you’ll get a head start on repairs that might come up in your inspection.  Here’s my list of interior and exterior repairs not to be missed.

Making exterior repairs to your home to prepare for selling

Exterior Repairs

  • Fill in rock and patch dead places in lawn or dead plants
  • Patch and paint crumbling stucco or cracks
  • Repair or replace screens
  • Replace any broken window panes and recaulk where needed
  • Replace any weather stripping around doors or windows
  • Put a fresh coat of paint on front door, garage doors, and bump-outs or accents
  • Repair any gutters that might need adhering
  • Make sure front door handles and locks are working properly
  • Make sure all windows open and close properly and doors are lubricated and slide easily
  • Make sure all window locks are working perfectly
  • Make sure the door bell works properly
  • Replace broken or slipped tiles on roof
  • Repair any cracks or crumbling in cement
  • Make sure gates, fences and doors work properly and remove any locks
  • Make sure all pool and spa equipment is working properly
  • Nail down any loose boards on decks or pergolas
  • Check your main water valve box and make sure its not leaking and is properly insulated

Making repairs to your kitchen to prepare to sell

Interior Repairs


  • Make sure all windows and doors open, close and lock properly
  • Make sure transition pieces and moldings are in tact with no water damage or tripping hazard
  • Replace any broken switchplates
  • Make sure all blinds and shutters work perfectly and are not broken
  • Consider changing flooring if its chipped, broken or very worn
  • Patch and paint any holes (including nail holes) in walls
  • Put up a fresh coat of paint if needed
  • Make sure all lighting and lamps are working and all bulbs replaced


  • Cabinets, drawers and pantry – check all hinges, knobs and runners
  • Repair or replace chipped or broken counter tops
  • Check appliances for working lights
  • Repair any leaking plumbing under the sink including the fixtures.  Make sure everything is working properly or replace it


  • Make any needed repairs to toliets and plumbing (including cosmetic)
  • Make sure the exhaust fan works properly
  • Check under sink for leaks
  • Make sure all faucets and fixtures are working
  • Replace any missing tiles
  • Check for water damage outside of shower or tub
  • Recaulk as needed
  • Make sure all lighting fixtures are working properly and have bulbs

Painting to prepare your house to sell

If unsure of anything, its a good idea to call in a professional, licensed Inspector.  They will do a complete inspection and offer advise on repairs so that you can get a head start.  There is nothing better than the Buyer not making any repair requests when purchasing your home since its in perfect shape!

If you’re in Las Vegas, send me an Email for a list of recommended Inspectors in our area.  I work with a network of great Realtors across the country and can find you one in your area.

Happy Home Selling,