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Tips to Sell Your Home Quickly

Easy & Inexpensive Things That Make a Big Impact

Everyone wants to make the most money in the least amount of time when selling their home.  I’ve got some easy and inexpensive things you can do to make a big impact and sell your home quickly!

You need to know a few things before making changes, such as your demographic.  If its a young, Millennial group with a starter home,  you will want to spruce up with the latest trend – that is grey tones, dark woods, and whites.  If its an urban, professional crowd, then go more modern.  A baby-boomer demographic tends to be more traditional with medium tone cabinetry, warm paint, tile and wood floors.  Whatever it is, your Realtor should be able to help and just look around the neighborhood to see what the norm tends to be.  If its a huge mix, then stick to the neutrals with a few bright accessories in trendy colors.  Right now that would be blues, greens, black and white to contrast the beige-grey paint.

Draperies & Pillows

Inexpensive things to stage your home to sell

Don’t forget the soft items like pillows and draperies.  They make a room look inviting and comfy.  In this room the furniture is very neutral and the draperies have a subtle print that just barely picks up the bright blue and black & white pillows.  This look is transitional and would appeal to just about any buyer.  Make sure to hang draperies at the very top close to the ceiling and make sure to touch the floor.  Don’t even waste your money on short draperies that don’t fall to the floor.  It cheapens the look dramatically.

Even a cool side chair with a print or pop of color usually spruces up the area and makes a big impact in your living or dining room. You can purchase these inexpensively at stores like West Elm, Z Gallerie, Pier 1 and Wayfair.   Pick something that you will love for your next home that will coordinate well with both color palettes.

Emphasizing One Wall

Spruce up your home to sell for the most money

Emphasizing one wall in the foyer or entry way, living room or dining room can make all of the difference.  If its something like adding brick, travertine, stone, or ship lap, a small space can also make a big impact.  While preparing my last home to sell, I did two simple things in the foyer, I added travertine tiles to an 8×5 ft landing on the wall along the staircase and I added a dramatic chandelier that hung down from two stories.  One thing I didn’t realize when purchasing the chandelier was that when you opened the door it kind of chimed.  It was one of those white shell piece chandeliers from West Elm purchased for about $200 and was a delightful surprise.

A Pop of Color Amongst the Grey or Beige

Creating a focal wall to stage your home to sell

Emphasizing one wall in an otherwise beige or grey room draws you in and despite the color adds some warmth.  A can of paint is $25 and if its in a living space I would recommend an eggshell finish; it has a light luster to it.  Carry the color throughout the area with some accessories.  Read my blog article about this years trend colors Color Trends 2018.

Adding Rugs for Interest

Easy ways to stage your home

By adding rugs you not only add interest but also define a space and make it cozy.  Especially where there is a lot of beige furniture, you can add a pop of color but also in rooms that have heavy furniture or a lot of wood.  It can lighten and brighten the room.  If your furnishings are plain, add some color or a print then accessorize with coordinating colors.

Adding New Lighting Fixtures

Paint color of the year 2018

I believe lighting is the most important thing in a room.  Not only does it create a focal point and make the room seem larger, but it provides low lighting or down lighting.  Dimmer switches are also very important and an electrician can very easily add one to your fixtures.  When getting ready for a showing you will want all of the lighting on – including lamps and recessed lighting.  You can make a dark home look bright and sunny.  Make sure to choose the right size and theme to compliment your furnishings.  Feel free to email me for advise.


Adding mirrors to stage your home to sell

Mirrors are a great way to make a room seem larger and reflect more light.  When staging my last home to sell, I added a mirror in almost every room.  The reason being is that the house was very dark as well as had solar screens making it seem even darker.  Being in the Las Vegas desert, the solar screens were a big feature and often times people will ask how much the utility bills are.  Needless to say, the mirrors and tons of lighting fixtures (I had a chandelier in every room as well as at least two lamps) made my home brighten up to the max.  I doubt the Buyer even realized it until they went to do their final walk through and all of the furnishings, lamps and mirrors were gone.

Hardware and Fixtures

Preparing your home to sell quickly

Door knobs and cabinet hardware are an often overlooked item during renovations.  I cant tell you how many ugly, gold doorknobs that I have seen.    This can be an expensive undertaking so if you’re in a pinch and going for the look, you can spray paint an “oiled-bronze” paint on your knobs and closet handles by removing and using Rustoleum spray paint.  I even had my handyman remove a cheap lighting fixture in one of my secondary bathrooms that had the right look but the color brown was just off.  It ended up looking fabulous!  If they are in your budget or you are going for a more contemporary brushed nickle look, you can find some inexpensive ones by looking on the internet.  I found mine at

Stainless Appliances

Inexpensive ways to stage your home to sell quickly

Stainless appliances can be expensive but they are in high demand with Buyers.  Depending on the price range of the home, they are almost a requirement.  In Las Vegas refrigerators aren’t always included in the sale but if its there, they are going to want it.  It can definitely add unconscious value to a home.  You can usually get refurbished or “open-box” appliances at local appliance stores, Sears or Best Buy.  Say you have black appliances and cant afford to put in all stainless, you can add a new stainless microwave for a few hundred dollars then (like the photo above) add stainless pendant lights and a huge goose neck faucet.


Simple things to prepare your home to sell

Sink fixtures, towel bars and toilet paper holders give an instant update.  If your home is styled more traditionally opt for oiled bronze; if more modern then brushed nickle looks nice.  Again, you can get some great deals at

Bedding & Linens

Preparing bedrooms for staging

The most important thing in a bedroom, other than the lighting and mirrors, is the bedding.  Buy the most expensive that you can afford.  A down comforter beneath a coverlet will really fluff a bed up.  Use an array of king sized pillows, throw pillows and a throw blanket at the foot of the bed.  Home Goods has the best selection and prices.  As far as color, when in doubt use white or beige.

Its all in the details!

The bottom line is that the details make the overall biggest impact.  I will guarantee if you follow my lead on this you will maximize the amount of money your home sells for. Remember, the biggest compliment you can receive is people actually sitting down and making themselves at home. What they are actually doing is trying it on for size and the more they stay and look; the more likely they are to put an offer in.

I am a Realtor in Las Vegas, Nevada so please contact me if you’d like my personal advise and help preparing your home to sell.  If you’re in another area and looking for a great Realtor, email me, I have a network of Realtors all over the country and I will personally interview and hand-pick one for you.

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Happy Home Selling!