Urban Core

The Urban Core of West Summerlin

There are exciting things brewing in West Summerlin!  Summerlin West Urban Core Takes Shape! Howard Hughes Corporation has stated that the Summerlin West Urban Core will be the “Yin to the Yang of Downtown Summerlin.”  What does that mean? I think it means that Urban Core will be a different type of venue for Summerlin West residents and visitors.  From what we hear, its going to have an upscale shopping and dining district complete with a grocer (hmmm… Whole Foods?).  Also, to include “The Hub” – an outdoor gathering space with an area for events; much like The Green at Downtown Summerlin.


What We Do Know

First off, if you look at Clark County property records, the area under development for the Urban Core is around 92 acres give or take.  The area is huge, and you can expect to see a mixed-use area meaning residential as well as commercial areas that are all close by. I would expect to see bike lanes as well as trail systems connecting the Summerlin Grand Park and other parts of Summerlin West like Redpoint Summerlin.  I just sold a townhome in Redpoint and the Sales Agent told us that Moro Pointe will be just adjacent to the new Urban Core and that other high-density living would surround The Hub. 



The Vision: Work, Play, Live

The land dedicated to commercial uses throughout Summerlin West will be developed in harmony with the needs of its neighbors – interesting places between home and the office that invite you to stop, hang out, catch up with friends, a quiet corner to do some work, a vibrant square, or maybe even a place to call home. Taking “town” to a higher level, the urban core will be an original and lively town center easily accessible from the trails and parks just outside your back door. Think of it as the yin to Downtown Summerlin’s yang.  A new destination with its own identity borne from its unique location.

Summerlin Parkway will be expanded to a major interchange at the 215 starting this year.  A $100,000,000.00 project was featured in the Review-Journal in February: READ MORE >

From what I have been told, a small boutique-style casino is also included in the project plan.  All speculation at this point but with the amount of proposed housing growth and Reverence, services are definitely needed and were promised when buyers were purchasing in Pulte’s Reverence village at Cheyenne & 215.  



We Are the Pulse of Summerlin West

If you are thinking about making a change and moving to Summerlin West, let us be your real estate guides.  We will help you to navigate new home construction and resale homes.  With 20 years of experience living and working in West Summerlin we definitely have the tools to help you find your dream home.