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Tips from the Pro – Easy Steps to Sell Your Home

Listing Your Home – Part 3

Marketing your home to sell

Positioning Your Home to Sell

The most important thing to remember is that your property is a product.  You will need to position it as such using packaging, target marketing, displays, pricing and advertising.  This segment will help you to see your home as a marketable product.

Buyers believe they’ll know the house immediately when they see it so it is up to you for them to perceive it that way – and it starts from the moment they pull up to the property.   Your home becomes the most expensive product they’ve ever purchased.  You have only a few moments to make an impression and close the sale.

It’s difficult for Buyers to envision themselves in your house, if it still looks like your house.

1.      Your Target Market – All Buyers who see your home are good prospects.  One out of 10 homes listed on the market sell to a neighbor’s friend or family.  Your home already meets their basic criteria  and that’s determined by the time they see it; albeit nosy neighbors, open house shoppers or Buyers with a Realtor.

2.      Your Audience – The Buyer is your audience and they’ve come that far – to be standing in your home.  Once inside, you need to keep them since lingering is a sign they’re very interested.

3.      Your Opportunity to Make an Impression – From your curb appeal to the foyer to every room, it needs to make an impression.  Your Buyers are looking at your home and determining whether it can be their home.

Ten minutes is the average stay and 20 minutes is an excellent sign you will be receiving an offer.  Make your home so inviting they sit down and relax on your sofa or in your kitchen to discuss details.  Have them help themselves to a cold bottle of water and a snack like candy or chips.  It takes energy shopping for a home.

Buyer’s Minds: Going from a House to Their Home

Seeing your property as a marketable product

When a Buyer gets the feeling about your home it’s because it strikes an emotional chord in them; they begin to imagine what it would be like to live there.  It’s actually a mental shift from “a 4-bedroom house” to “Julie’s room and Jack’s room” and “an office” or “playroom”.   The loft then becomes a 2nd family room for the kids so the adults downstairs can’t hear them.  Once they sit back and relax and start imagining, it’s just a matter of time before they start to mentally commit.

It’s easy to be the marketer and you are in control of exactly what they see, smell, hear and remember.  A well marketed home will be imprinted in their minds.  When showing Buyer’s more than 2 homes in a day, I have them create a name to describe each so we can all remember when later discussing.  We make up names such as “the green carpeting house” or “the fountain house” or even the “WOW house”.  This is what I aim to do for each one of my listings – to be “THE WOW HOME!”

In the next part we will be discussing the “How To” of preparing your home for sale.  I will also be providing a downloadable template for my 14-day plan to transforming your home.

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Happy Home Selling!


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